With the theme of "Innovation and high-quality development of Preschool Education in China in the new era" , and with academic guidance and practice sharing as the main thread, the conference constructed a classroom system of high-quality resources for preschool education, and actively played the role of demonstration and leadership, we will promote coordinated development among regions, strengthen in-depth cooperation among regions, and help promote high-quality development of childcare and preschool education in China.


The conference invited more than 100 leaders, experts, scholars, front-line principals and teachers from the field of childcare and preschool education to participate in lectures and interactive exchanges, with academic guidance and practice sharing as the main line, and "new" as the starting point, the new orientation, new design, new curriculum, new management, new games, new services, new communication and other links, to provide a comprehensive, systematic and systematic course for the delegates.





As a national design team for kindergartens and children's industry, case has its unique design perspective, operation and management mode. Case is determined to become "to create children's favorite living place and lifestyle", to do care design in the name of love.




Xi'an KIDS Architectural Design Co., Ltd. is committed to education and building unlimited life. KIDS believes that a good environment should not only be based on basic safety and aesthetics, but also full of fun and pioneering. The nature is liberated. We educate people in the environment and do education without saying anything.

KIDS DESIGN 创办于2007年,坐落于古城西安。作为一家专业的儿童空间设计公司,我们为不同的儿童场所空间(幼儿园、小学、托育、早教...)、幼儿园项目的定制设计,为儿童空间设计行业领先客户提供整体精装修设计标准定制研发,同时,我们提供教育、校园文化建设及品牌策划服务。

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